Kingswood Voice Your Views

January 29 2022

Can you find my friend?

MY name is Julie Rich,.. Read More

March 04 2021

One-way circular system would be best of both worlds

THE news of Kingswood's £25m bonanza (Kingswood Voice February) and particularly the planned pedestrianisation of Kingswood's main street is great... Read More

October 27 2020

Caught out by new car park cameras

ALTHOUGH not residing in Kingswood, I am a fairly frequent user of the businesses in Kings Chase Shopping Centre and High Street... Read More

October 27 2020

Let's fight to save Aquarians club

I SWAM in the family session at the Aquarians Swimming Club when I was expecting our third child, who was forty in April. She and her elder brother and sister all learned to swim to a high standard there and my husband was a volunteer instructor. .. Read More

September 29 2020

Give scooters ID plates

RE your E-scooter article in issue 16: .. Read More

August 27 2020

A greener Kingswood and a better world

THIS time of Covid19 has been difficult, especially for the families who have lost loved ones and those suffering the long term effects of the illness... Read More

April 19 2020

The Forgotten Carers

Of course I fully respect and appreciate the extremely hard work that our wonderful NHS do, not only during the Covid-19 outbreak, but at all times. They definitely deserve pay rises and a cash injection, and so do home care workers, carers working in the community, Care Home staff and a special thanks too to the volunteers who are taking food, etc to vulnerable & low wage people & families, sometimes on a daily basis. .. Read More

February 26 2020

Who would police a diesel ban?

I'V E been hearing much on local media about banning diesel vehicles in certain parts of our city. In the Bristol Post, on the local BBC Points West, TV news, but no one has explained how this will be policed!.. Read More