Young inventor saves the day

March 04 2021

A TEENAGE engineer has developed a piece of equipment to help with Covid-19 testing in his school.

Like all secondary schools, Sir Bernard Lovell Academy in Oldland Common is carrying out regular lateral flow tests for staff.

The process needs specialist equipment and the school was finding it challenging to order a large quantity of a specific test tube holder. 

But Tom Fairclough, a Year 10 Engineering student, came to the rescue by designing a holder and then using his own 3D printer to manufacture a batch of them.

His teachers said that 14-year-old Tom designed his product independently with the printer, which he had saved up his money to buy.

Principal Dean Anderson said: “Tom’s innovative design performs much better than similar products on the market. The design has proven so successful he was commissioned to produce a set that is already in use at another school.

“We are so proud of the way Tom has used his skills to develop something that is helping others. Congratulations to him.”

Tom, who lives in Longwell Green, hopes to pursue a career in engineering, mechanical engineering or aerospace.

Young inventor saves the day