World Book Day fun at Courtney Primary

March 24 2021

CHILDREN at Courtney primary school in Kingswood managed to make an event of World Book Day despite it falling during lockdown.

Pupils working from home took part in a competition to create a book character out of a potato, as well as being encouraged to re-enact a favourite book cover. 

More than 50 children took part, submitting colourful and innovative entries.

Meanwhile children of critical workers, who were still in the classroom, learned about 9th century illuminated manuscript The Book of Kells and designed their own illuminated letters to spell out, “Courtney.”

This pupil from Courtney Primary replicated her favourite book cover

Sarah Inman, Year One teacher at the school, said: “How a school celebrates World Book Day has remained consistent since I was a schoolgirl: dressing up, vivid display boards and a focus on renowned authors and illustrators.

“Coronavirus and the resulting lockdown meant that things had to change this year. What do we do when stress levels are so high, shops are limited and half the children can’t come into school?”

In order to include everyone, both at home and at school, a quiz was set to identify members of staff hiding behind books, as well as videos being recorded of teachers reading aloud from their favourite books.

Then on the day a virtual assembly was held for the whole school community, including five minutes of entertainment from every class on the theme of reading, such as reciting stories and showing off displays of homemade bookmarks.

Winners of the competitions were each given a £10 book token to expand their home reading collections.

Miss Inman said: “Reading is at the heart of everything we do at Courtney.

“We were determined to mark the occasion so brainstormed achievable and inclusive ways to celebrate.”