Winning ways to keep our children active

July 14 2020

JOE Wicks might have grabbed the headlines, but the TV exercise guru is not the only fitness inspiration for children in Kingswood during the lockdown.

Jacob from The Park: speed bounce,  Jake from The Park running, Holly from The Tynings gets set and Ben, from Tynings, with certificates.Jacob from The Park: speed bounce,  Jake from The Park running, Holly from The Tynings gets set and Ben, from Tynings, with certificates.

Hundreds of youngsters have been given exciting ideas to keep them active throughout the last three months by the hardworking and innovative team at CSET Primary Sports Partnership.

Children have taken part in a huge range of events, including cross country, athletics, gymnastics, dance and tennis - mostly in their homes and back gardens.

Wendy O’Donnell and her team - Dean Garrett, Alex Carter and Julie Arbury - have set a range of daily and weekly challenges, which can be carried out in school or at home.

They have come up with many creative ideas to ensure that primary pupils can participate even if they have little access to outdoor space. Orienteering, for example, involves finding a list of household objects and timing yourself retrieving them. 

Many of the daily challenges are designed to encourage children to practise and reach their personal best. Catching and throwing sessions have included trying to get a teabag into a cup and using a pair of rolled-up socks as a ball.

“We really want all children to have a go,” said Wendy. “Anyone who times themself on a challenge and sends in a score to us, receives a participation certificate. 

"We also encourage children and parents to send us photos and videos we can share on Twitter @CSETSports1

“We have been sending out the challenges every week, even during school holidays, and teachers say it is something they value and the children love taking part in. As well as individual challenges, we have run home and school inter-school competitions. It’s a lot of admin to work out all the scores but it is worth it. 

"We’ve had some lovely positive feedback from parents too.”

Some of the challenges are open to staff and parents too, with the cross-country becoming particularly competitive. 

The team have even recreated some of the big summer events such as the MaD Olympiad and the CSET Games virtually for schools and children at home.

Among the schools involved are Beacon Rise, Courtney, Kings Forest, Our Lady of Lourdes and The Park.