Who would police a diesel ban?

February 26 2020

I'V E been hearing much on local media about banning diesel vehicles in certain parts of our city. In the Bristol Post, on the local BBC Points West, TV news, but no one has explained how this will be policed!

Will there be people in authority in yellow hi-viz jackets, stopping vehicles on the many carriageways which lead to/ from the centre of Bristol? That would 'gridlock' the town, if each vehicle had to be examined, it's not immediately obvious which are petrol, & which diesel.

And, what authority would these people have, to prevent its further movement? Park-up? Turn around and  go back home? Be late for work and tell your boss you "took a chance", to try the system?

An example of 'Banning', for instance would be someone 'banned' from, say, Licensed Premises.

That person needs to be recognised, known about, maybe a photo for the 'bouncers'? It would NOT be sufficient to just tell the person they're banned, and hope they don't return.

I would be interested to understand how this will work.

Richard Hibbs,

Kingswood resident

Who would police a diesel ban?