Volunteers put the wood back into Kingswood

March 24 2020

VOLUNTEERS, armed with spades, planted a mixture of trees at Weston’s Way field in Kingswood.

Volunteers put the wood back into Kingswood

Nearly 200 trees were planted, including hawthorn, dogwood and hazel which were provided by The Woodland Trust as part of its ‘Big Climate Fightback’.

The tree planting was organised by Kingswood Climate Action Group, which aims to take action on climate change at a local level.  Nineteen people of all ages took part.

One volunteer said: “Trees have multiple benefits. They absorb pollution and clean our air, locking up carbon dioxide, plus they help to prevent flooding and soil erosion and are vital in helping wildlife.  They also have a cooling effect and provide shade.”

The group was planning another tree planting event on Saturday February 29 from 10.30am  until noon – meeting at Weston’s Way.  Anyone who wants to take part is welcome. They are asked to wear sensible shoes and bring a spade or gardening fork if they  have one!

* Kingswood Climate Action is part of Friends of the Earth national climate action group network. The group meets once a month on Tuesdays at The Queen’s Head on Lower Hanham Road at 07:30pm – the next meeting will be Tuesday March 3. Find them on Facebook or visit https://kingswoodclimate.wordpress.com/