Volunteer to stop speeding drivers

March 24 2021

SPEEDING drivers on Kingswood’s roads could be caught and dealt with thanks to a new Community SpeedWatch.

Volunteers are being sought to don his-vis jackets and caps to patrol local roads. After being trained to use speed guns they will be able to catch and identify any drivers breaking the speed limit.

The data collected, including time, speed and car registration, will be sent to the police. Vehicles observed speeding will be sent a warning letter along with advice to help change their driving behaviour.

Councillor Alison Evans is leading Community SpeedWatch

Police will take further action against persistent offenders or those driving at particularly high speeds and will also use the results to target their own speed patrols more effectively.

The project is the brainchild of Woodstock ward Cllr Alison Evans, whose constituents have raised concerns about speeding vehicles in Alma Road, Tenniscourt Road, Cock Road, Holly Hill Road and more.

The project has been on ice for a year due to Covid restrictions, but should be up and running from this month onwards, with trained speed patrols taking to the streets before the summer.

Cllr Evans said: “The aim of the Community SpeedWatch is to make motorists aware of their actions and the impact on local residents.

“I am hoping that by having as many residents involved as possible, we will be able to set up multiple patrols and send the message that Kingswood values safe drivers and does not tolerate speeding in our community.

“It would be great if any residents that are interested in volunteering email me their details so that I can start to get routes and training set up. There needs to be a minimum of two volunteers for the patrol and everyone will receive training.”

Volunteers are needed for up to an hour a week, although patrols won’t necessarily take place as often as weekly because they are weather dependent.

Volunteer training includes watching a short video and completing some roadside training with the equipment which takes less than an hour.

Would-be speed patrollers can contact Cllr Evans at Alison.Evans@southglos.gov.uk