Ubers 'are not taxis'

March 24 2020

UBER and Ola drivers will be banned from displaying the word “taxi” anywhere on their cars under new plans to protect public safety in South Gloucestershire.

The proposal is among new signage rules for private-hire vehicles (PHVs) and Hackney carriages recommended by a police officer who acts as a taxi compliance officer for South Gloucestershire Council.

PHVs must be booked using services such as Uber and Ola, whereas Hackney carriages can be hailed from the pavement without a booking.

Yet, according to PC Patrick Quinton: “After 40 years of regulation, the public generally do not know the difference between the two.”

PHVs and Hackney carriages that are licensed in South Gloscan look “almost identical”, PC Quinton told a council regulatory committee.

Tightening up signage rules would make a bigger distinction between PHVs and Hackney carriages and reduce the issue of PHVs illegally standing for hire, PC Quinton said.

The committee approved the recommendations, along with other proposals affecting PHVs and Hackney carriages.

The industry will have a chance to comment on most of the proposals, which include a freeze on Hackney carriage fares before a final decision is made.