Trauma teddies for young fire victims

September 24 2019

The Trauma Teddies handover (photo courtesy of Kingswood Fire Station).

The Trauma Teddies handover (photo courtesy of Kingswood Fire Station)

FIREFIGHTERS from Kingswood welcomed a group of ladies who have been busy knitting trauma teddies for distressed children.

The women, from Fishponds Townswomen’s Guild, knitted 90 of the bears to co-incide with the 90th anniversary of the National Townswomen's Guild.

They presented the seven-inch teddies, knitted in a variety of colours, to Kingswood Fire Station so they could be handed to children in need.

Jean Keel, from the Guild, said: “We were given  a tour of the fire station which included a demonstration of protective clothing which is worn by firefighters.

“It made us realise how fit they must be to move around with the safety gear on.

“We were also shown all the equipment carried on the engines, the thermal imaging device and also the very large incident vehicles.   

“The highlight for us was when Nicola, one of the firefighters, drove the fire engine around to the yard where another firefighter called Andy encouraged us to have a go with a fire hose. 

“We would like to say thank you to Kingswood Fire Station for giving us a guided tour and making us welcome. Next time you see a fire engine there may be a trauma teddy somewhere on board waiting to give comfort.”

Townswomen’s Guild  was built on suffragist foundations and continues to empower all women to make their own lives and those of others better. The Fishponds Townswomen's Guild was formed in 1936.