Things to do in the garden in July

July 14 2020

With Sally Hammacott - Kingswood Voice's garden enthusiast.

HELLO, it’s lovely to be back!

July is almost upon us and summer hopefully is on its way with long warm evenings to enjoy our gardens.

It’s the last time to apply liquid feed to your lawn in July. Keep regularly mowing except when it gets really hot,  setting the mower higher than normal as it can help prevent too much drying out. As growth slows as we move through into late summer,  raise the cutting height to help resist wear. We all want a lovely green lawn but do try not to be wasteful; use a sprinkler only when really necessary - brown patches should recover later in the year.  

To get the most out of the flowering season, cut back plants in baskets and then feed to encourage new growth.  Delphiniums and geraniums benefit from being cut back after their first flowering with a feed after as well.  Clumps of iris can be divided.

Things to do in the garden in July

Spring flowering bulbs such as tulips and hyacinths can be dug up in July and stored.  Place them in a single layer in an airy place to dry.  It’s also the perfect time to sow spring flowering seeds into trays, such as  bellis and lupins.  In mid-July crocus like bulbs can be planted for example, colchicum autumnale, autumn crocuses and Amaryllis.

Watch out for pests and diseases, scale insects can affects bays at this time of year.  Cypress aphids can attack conifers causing brown patches.  Look for black sooty mould along stems; once damaged conifers can take a long time to recover. 

Most importantly, remember to enjoy your garden, rest a while and admire all your hard work.

Sally's garden tips for July

• Dead head bedding plants and repeat flowering perennials regularly.  This will encourage new blooms and give you a longer display.

• Keep plants well watered, especially those plants in pots). Use grey water where possible. 

• Hoe regularly between plants to keep those weeds down as they just love the warmer weather. 

• Give the lawn a quick-acting summer feed and inspect for yellow patches  and other potential problems. 

• Clear algae and debris from ponds and top them up if required. 

• Tie in climbers and ramblers as they grow. 

• Prune June flowering  shrubs and clip back fast growing hedges.


Happy gardening…