Taking steps to keep pupils safe

September 29 2020

SCHOOLS in the Kingswood area have plans in place to ensure learning can continue if groups of children have to remain at home because of Covid-19.

Kings' Forest Primary School in Kingswood

Lessons learned during the long lockdown in the last academic year have enabled them to develop blended learning programmes for 2020-21.

Many schools are also using a Recovery Curriculum, pioneered in South Gloucestershire, designed to help reduce the long-term impact of the pandemic on children.

The first school in the district to send pupils home was Kings’ Forest in Kingswood, where 28 children had to isolate after a child in Year 1 tested positive.

Cases in the area remain low - two or fewer confirmed in the week to September 23 - but council and health officials say numbers fluctuate and people cannot afford to be complacent.

The total number of positive Covid-19 cases in South Gloucestershire had just topped 1,000 as the Voice went to print, with 41 in the week to Sept 28.

South Gloucestershire Council’s director of public health, Sara Blackmore, and leader, Councillor Toby Savage, are calling on everyone to be vigilant and help avoid a local lockdown.

Ms Blackmore said: “The past six months have been challenging for everyone and the next few months will be crucial in keeping the spread of the virus to a minimum in South Gloucestershire.

“As individuals, our actions can help reduce the spread of the virus to people who are otherwise young and healthy, as well as to those who are more vulnerable and who can be badly affected.

“The way to stop that from happening; to keep everyone safe, is to follow the guidance: Hands, Face, Space.

Councillor Savage said: “The infection rate here is relatively low compared to some parts of the country But a single case is more than any of us want to see. TAny case is a cause for concern, and we must not be complacent. Any case can affect a whole family. It can also affect others in the community We have shown ourselves to be at our best when we work together