Surgery takes place to help Oscar walk

April 06 2022

A LITTLE boy with cerebral palsy has undergone surgery to help him walk independently after his parents raised over £60k.

Oscar Cridge

Oscar Cridge, five, from Barrs Court, had the specialist SDR spinal surgery at the private Portland hospital in London because it wasn’t available on the NHS.

As well as £35k for the operation, costs have included £2.5k for splints, rental of a flat in London for a month, plus hundreds of pounds each week on physiotherapy for the next two years.

Father Shaun, 39, said it looked hopeful that the operation has helped Oscar.

He said: “Already he’s able to sit up straight and cross his legs, which he couldn’t do before.

“He’s finding it frustrating because it will take about six months for him to be able to do everything he could do before, such as pull himself upright without wearing splints.

“There is definitely more movement in his feet. Before the operation his muscles wouldn’t allow his feet to straighten and he was permanently on tip toe.

“We’re very glad to be back home now.”

The five-and-a-half-hour operation went to plan and Oscar spent six days in hospital before transferring to the family’s rented apartment in order to attend twice-daily physio appointments for three weeks.

A specialist, £7,500 wheelchair has been organised by fundraising musician Daz, via the Variety Club. Daz has organised several events and a charity single to help raise the money needed for the operation and rehabilitation. 

Oscar will now become one of the Variety Club’s young ambassadors.

Mr Cridge said: “We are so grateful to everyone who has helped us to date. We couldn’t have got this far without the support of the public. 

"We want to thank Daz and the Variety Club for all their help.

“It seems very unfair that the surgery and rehabilitation isn’t available on the NHS and we are still having to ask other people to help us.”

Oscar has begun a phased return to Emerson’s Green primary school and was delighted to see his friends again.

His dream is to one day be able to play football with his friends without needing to use a frame to stand.

Money for Oscar’s rehab and equipment can be donated at