Students celebrate A-level successes

September 24 2019

CLF Post-16 students achieved some amazing results.

Students celebrate A-level successes

CABOT Learning Federation’s Post 16 provision has produced the best sixth form results in its history.

A-levels grades were at their highest ever level and students’ performance in vocational courses were also the best ever recorded. 

Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and disadvantaged students performed exceptionally well, achieving high grades and making excellent progress. 

Overall the ‘value added’ score, which measures the progress students have made since their GCSEs, compared to all students in the country, indicates that students this summer have done half a grade better across their subjects compared to 2018.

CLF Post 16 is hosted from two locations – John Cabot Academy in Kingswood and Bristol Brunel Academy in Speedwell.

Three stand-out performances came from Kyron Dalton who received 3 As (maths, physics, computer science) and has a place confirmed as a degree apprenticeship with Amazon training as a computer programmer. 

Sahra Mihile earned three Distinctions in Health and Social Care and will be going to UWE to study midwifery. And Nina Nikolova, who earned one Distinction star and one Distinction, is starting an access course with a view to a career in dentistry.

Kath Cooper, principal of CLF Post 16, said: “I am absolutely thrilled with the progress of students and the quality of teaching staff at the CLF. There has been significant improvement across many subjects – maths, physics, sociology, English, computer science to name a few, the overall outcomes are the best the CLF Post 16 has ever achieved.  Alongside the vocational courses, our students have all gone onto exciting futures as a result of the quality of the provision throughout Post 16. This is such a fantastic year to celebrate the results and our teachers who continually demonstrate their commitment to the progress of students. We also have a Post 16 support team who provide exemplary pastoral support for all students that remove any barriers and equip students to achieve their full potential.” 

Steve Taylor, CEO of the Cabot Learning Federation, said: “I am delighted that our students are so well-prepared for the next stage in their lives – without exception all of our pupils are moving to good destinations next year, where bright futures await. Well done to them and their teachers, who have worked so hard with them to help them achieve so well.”