Student is first winner of Brunel Award

April 08 2022

DAVINE Jatto, a year 8 student at Bristol Brunel Academy is the first student to achieve all badges in the five strands of the Bristol Brunel Award.

 The Brunel Award has been set up to recognise students that excel in all five strands of The Brunel Way. Students can earn badges for their achievements Academically, Professionally, Socially, Personally and within the Community. 

 Abbi Bainton, assistant principal, said: “Over her two years at BBA, Davine has managed to excel in every strand of the Brunel Way. From being a consistently exemplary student in her classes, to supporting with interview panels in school and engaging actively in our extracurricular inclusion groups. In addition to this, Davine has regularly engaged in programs offered by BBA to ensure personal progress and recently represented our school community at the COP26 Youth Conference.

 “Davine is a role model for our community, and we hope she continues to inspire those around her to see who can be the next student to achieve all strands of their award!  Well done Davine.”