Soundwell nursery's happy anniversary

October 05 2019

Emma celebrates 10 years of service with news of a Good from Ofsted

Soundwell nursery's happy anniversary

CHILDREN at a nursery in Soundwell are getting a good start to their education, according to government watchdog Ofsted.

Inspector Rachel Howell said youngsters at Mama Bear's day nursery and pre-school in Pembroke Road are gaining a range of skills in readiness for their move on to pre-school or school.

Her report, which was released in September, has judged the nursery to be Good in all four categories - effectiveness of leadership and management; quality of teaching, learning and assessment; personal development, behaviour and welfare and outcomes for children.

“Children's literacy skills develop well. For example, they explore books and snuggle in with staff to enjoy a story,” the reported stated.

“Babies and children make good progress in their development, including those that learn or speak English as an additional language.”

Children's listening and attention skills are developing well. Babies have good independence skills for their age and children in the two-year-old age group take pride in doing things for themselves. 

“They show perseverance and determination to manage tasks, such as serving themselves food at lunchtime and clearing away their things after their meal,” Ms Howell said.

Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities have good opportunities to reach their potential, she added.

Staff are “friendly and kind” and care for the children well, taking the time to get to know the youngsters: “They are attentive to their needs and spend good-quality time supporting them in their activities.”

Safeguarding is effective and staff have a good understanding of what to do if they are worried about a child.

Children behave well, with babies and younger children learning to share. They also take turns and show thoughtful behaviour towards each other. Older children build friendships and cooperate well during play.

In order to further improve Ofsted has said the nursery should do more to encourage younger children's emerging speech and to make sure youngsters are learning as much as possible when age groups are mixed together.

Manager Emma Plucknett, who is celebrating 10 years with Mama Bear's, was praised by the inspector who said: “The manager shows commitment and dedication to providing a good service for the families and children at the provision. She leads reflection on nursery practice well, closely involves staff and values parents' views.”

Emma said: “It is wonderful to celebrate my 10 year anniversary at Mama Bear’s with another Good Ofsted result. Myself and all the nursery staff work really hard to create an environment for children which allows them to grow, develop and have fun while feeling right at home. It’s lovely to have our hard work recognised.

“Our team here is very close-knit. Many of us have been here for several years so it really feels like a family and it’s wonderful to celebrate our success together. 

 “We put a massive focus on the quality of care we provide at Mama Bear’s and it is this commitment to quality that has made me so proud in the last 10 years.”