Skidmore takes seat with 11k majority

February 26 2020

CHRIS Skidmore has kept hold of his Kingswood seat at the general election, with a Conservative majority of 11,220.

His win ensures all three South Gloucestershire constituencies - which also include Filton and Bradley Stoke and Thornbury and Yate - remain true blue.

The Conservative MP received 27,712 votes – 56 per cent, which is about one per cent higher than two years ago – ahead of Labour’s second-placed Nicola Bowden-Jones, a Bristol city councillor, on 16,492.

Her share amounted to 33 per cent which is seven per cent lower than in 2017.

Lib Dem candidate Dine Romero, who is leader of Bath & North East Somerset Council, saw her party’s votes double to 3,421, about seven per cent.

The Greens’ Joseph Evans polled 1,200 (two per cent) and Animal Welfare Party’s Angelika Cowell received 489 votes, or one per cent.

Mr Skidmore, whose constituency office is in Hanham High Street, said: “It has been a remarkable night for the Conservative Party nationally and also in South Gloucestershire.

“I cannot explain to you how great a privilege it is to represent an area that I grew up in.

“We have a number of issues that we will need to respond to nationally.

“People told me they wanted to see Brexit done but they also wanted a party that was best to lead our country.

“I would like to thank the candidates who put up a very fair fight. I know how difficult it is to be candidates at the general election, there is a lot of pressure on you.

“It is testament to South Gloucestershire that we had a clean fight.”

The turnout was 72 per cent and 145 ballot papers were rejected.

The national picture saw the Conservative Party returned to government with 365 seats – a gain of 47, giving them an 80-seat majority.

The election was disastrous for Labour, who lost 59 seats and now have 203 MPs in Westminster. However, the party held on to all four Bristol seats.

The Lib Dems lost one seat – the leader Jo Swinson was ousted in East Dunbartonshire by the SNP's Amy Callaghan by 149 votes. The SNP had a buoyant night, gaining 13 seats to give them a total of 48. The DUP hold eight, down two.

Skidmore takes seat with 11k majority