Shoplifting and speeding top issues for police

July 25 2022

POLICE are tackling shoplifting and speeding as priorities in Kingswood, members of the public were told at Kingswood community engagement forum.

Lauren White from Avon and Somerset police said: “We’ve had an increase in shoplifting at Kingschase. We’re setting up meetings and working quite closely with management to try and reduce the number of shoplifts.

“They’ve got Storenet radios and we’re getting more of those and it’s one of our top priorities.

“We do recognise that it is one of the crimes that is increasing at the minute.”

Police are looking at CCTV and trying to tackle issues with security access to the shopping centre

PCSO White said: “They seem to be coming over the top of Kingschase and the exit gates and accessing it in that way. It’s very easy for them to gain access at the moment.

“Before, we’ve done stints where we’ve had an officer in each security room and officers on the ground that have been plain clothes, which we found was pretty good.

“At the minute, because there is short staffage, that’s not possible so we’re having to tweak things a little bit so that we use our time effectively with obviously the minimal members of staff.”

Speeding was another priority for local police at the moment, the meeting was told.

PCSO White said: “We’ve had numerous calls from councillors and members of the public about speeding on certain roads such as Cock Road, Tenniscourt Road and Holly Hill Road.

“We’ve done a lot of speed gun down there.

“With regards to Holly Hill Road and Cock Road I think a lot of the speeding tends to happen later on in the evening, whereas Tenniscourt Road tends to happen right in the day because it is a 20.

“We went down yesterday and we saw 140 cars and I think three quarters of them were over the speed limit of 20.

“Obviously that’s quite worrying on our part so I think we’re going to try and get down there as much as we can.”