September 2020: Vets4Pets Blog

August 27 2020

Managing your pets' separation anxiety

Managing your pets' separation anxiety

NOW that more people are able to return to work, we are getting more enquiries about how to manage separation anxiety in puppies and adult dogs as they’ve got so used to having you around! Below are some things to consider before you leave your dog on their own for long periods again. 

● Think about getting a pheromone diffuser such as Adaptil™. These diffuse the natural pheromones that dogs produce when they are in their safe home environment. Leave it on for a few days before returning the work and consistently until you are confident that they are settled with you being away.

● Get into your work routine before you have to go back. Wake up at the time you would normally, and feed and walk your dog when they would be while you are working. 

● Leave your dog in a separate room or in the house while you are in the garden or go to the shops. Start with five minutes and make sure you give your dog something to keep them occupied, such as a toy that can’t be chewing into pieces or a long lasting treat. Once they are happy on their own for five minutes, you can slowly increase this in five -minute increments up to an hour or more. Start this before you return to work. 

● Leave some quiet music or the TV on in the background when you leave. This can settle you dog as they may be less responsive to noises from outside the house.

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