September 2020: On the Treatment Table

August 27 2020

It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it…

SINCE we returned to clinic in Kingswood Health Centre back in June, post lockdown, life seems to have continue to change for us all! The supermarket queues in the Precinct have improved but now they have moved onto the banks and the barbers.  Back in May I switched to cycling to work (following the PM’s advice of course!) but recently I’ve definitely seen an increase in traffic on my commute, I suspect the impending autumn weather may also reduce my enthusiasm to take 2 wheels rather than 4 too!  In June when we opened the clinic doors with risk assessments done and PPE on hand (quite literally), we had no idea what to expect.  

What I can now say is we’ve been incredibly busy since day 1! We have been so grateful to see many of our patients returning for their regular treatment and check-ups, there’s also been lots of new patients coming to see us as well. Of course, we have seen our usual mix of musculoskeletal problems, but 2 keys issues seem to have cropped up time and again since lockdown, in both our new and current patients - namely changes in posture and activity. During lockdown many of us had to grab the office laptops and head straight to the kitchen table to continue working. Although some were lucky enough to take their ergonomic keyboards, chairs and office equipment with them to help posture, sadly though speaking to patients I think this was the minority. Many of our patients have found the long hours sat in less than ideal postures have caused a number of pandemic related side-effects, namely neck pain, headaches and RSI type injuries, which we have been able to treat. The other issue, activity on the other hand has gone to both extremes. With gyms closed some of our patients have struggled to exercise, but others have taken matters into their own hands with, ahem, a mixture of results! So for every postural laptop injury we have also seen and treated lots of over-enthusiastic DIY related strains and sprains.  Sadly, we also know that often musculoskeletal conditions are exacerbated by poor mental health, again from conversations with our patients this is also clearly of great concern due to the uncertainties both of personal and public health and the economic future.

On a positive note at Action Potential, we continue to return to the new normal with sports massage and podiatry returning to practice and join us chiropractors and physiotherapists already back at Kingswood Health Centre. Likewise, our satellite clinic at Hengrove Park Leisure Centre has recently reopened.  Both clinics continue to practice using Government recommended PPE for all patients and enhanced cleaning routines, as well as redesigned clinic layout and booking times to maintain social distancing to keep patients and practitioners safe.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves, your family and friends, keep exercising safely to stay well physically and mentally, let’s hope the situation continues to improve. You can call us on 0117 961 2060, find us on Facebook or email to book. We provide chiropractic, physiotherapy, sports massage and podiatry treatments and Pilates at Kingswood Health Centre and Hengrove Park Leisure Centre.