September 2019: On the Treatment Table

September 24 2019

Back to school

IT’S that time again to get the kids ready to go back to school after the sunny summer holidays! The to-do list includes getting new school uniforms and shoes, stationery and books. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to check whether your child’s back will be protected during another busy academic year. 

Young age isn’t a guarantee of avoiding back pain – especially with many of our kids having to carry heavy bags daily to school, packed with books, sports kit, lunch and other essentials like their mobile phone! A quick check of their bags and posture can help children to avoid painful back problems in the future.

Here are some tips for protecting your child’s back:

Backpacks: We know that backpacks are a great way for schoolchildren to carry their books and stationery but the design of the bag and, crucially, how your child carries a bag can make a big difference to preventing back pain. Look out for bags which can be carried on both shoulders, with adjustable straps which will hold the contents close to their back and distribute weight evenly. If your child insists on carrying a bag with one strap, encourage them to alternate which shoulder they carry it on and to carry it across their body. 

What’s in the bag? Try spending just a few minutes every evening helping your child pack their school bag. Use this time to ensure that your child is not packing unnecessary items for their day’s activities and to ensure that any weight is equally distributed in their school bag to reduce pressure on their back and neck. Ideally make sure that the heavier items are at the top not the bottom of the bag otherwise the rucksack can pull shoulders backwards creating discomfort and more imbalance.

Stand up straight! Lastly sitting, standing or walking with a bad posture can put unnecessary pressure on a child’s back, particularly that ‘smartphone slouch’ which we are all probably guilty of. Make sure you check their posture and try to them keep moving and active on a regular basis. 

If you need any further advice on or treatment then the team at Action Potential will be happy to help ease those aches and pains.  You can call us on 0117 961 2060, find us on Facebook or email to book. We provide a chiropractic, physiotherapy, sports massage and podiatry treatments and Pilates at Kingswood Health Centre.