Sasha plans charity skydive

March 04 2021

A SCHOOLGIRL from Longwell Green plans to throw herself out of a plane for charity.

Sasha plans charity skydive

Sasha Dornan, 17, is doing the 15,000ft skydive to raise money for St Peter’s Hospice.

She has had a Saturday job at the Downend charity shop for the hospice since last summer so has witnessed first-hand how repeated lockdowns have impacted the amount of money the charity makes.

Sasha, a student at Sir Bernard Lovell Academy, hopes to raise over £1,000 through fundraising and has paid for the skydive herself so that all the money goes to the charity.

She said: “My manager told me that St Peter’s Hospice is really struggling because it’s lost all the normal income from sponsored walks, marathons, running the charity shops and so on.

“They’ve had to close some of the beds at the hospice in Brentry because they haven’t got enough money to run them.

“I came up with the idea of a sponsored skydive and my manager said, ‘But who will do that?’” “I said, ‘I will!’”

St Peter’s Hospice is the only hospice in Bristol that cares for adults with progressive life-limiting illness. Last year it missed out on £2 million, with all 52 shops in the city having to close for much of the year.

Sasha’s tandem jump will take place on 16 May, having being moved back from this month because of Covid restrictions. She is jumping from an airfield in Salisbury and hopes for a soft landing on nearby fields.

She said: “I’m trying not to think about it because I’ll get too scared. I started watching some YouTube videos of people skydiving then realised that was a bad idea.

“The only other thing I’ve done to raise money for charity was a sponsored silence at primary school so this is a bit more dramatic! My mum is a bit worried and would rather I stay on the ground. I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it on the day.”

Sasha’s fundraising page is at