Riddle of Kingswood Raptor

June 26 2022

SOMEWHERE in Kingswood there lurks a dinosaur.

The Kingswood Raptor is the latest mural by Bristol street artist Andy Council, known for combining architecture with dinosaurs.

His best-known work, the Bristol Dinosaur, is of a dinosaur covered with Bristol landmarks and is displayed in M Shed. It was created in collaboration with artist Luke Palmer.

The Kingswood Raptor is in an indoor venue somewhere in Kingswood that will be revealed soon.

Riddle of Kingswood Raptor

Photos of the mural show a white sofa in front of it that looks like it could be a bar or nightclub. Chasers nightclub is due to reopen this summer, so could be a potential location.

Andy said: “I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I’m very pleased with how the mural turned out.

“I tried to include parts of Kingswood such as the clock tower in the High Street, the heritage museum, parts of the area’s mining history and Troopers Hill.

“It took one day to design and two days to paint. I work pretty quickly!”