Relief for parents as nurseries open

July 14 2020

BABIES, toddlers and pre-school children in Hanham returned to early education after the lockdown was lifted for nursery settings at the beginning of June.

Children at Mama Bear's Day Nursery at Hanham Hall are happy to be back learning with their friends

Mama Bear’s Day Nursery and Pre-school caters for children aged three-months to five-years old, and the team at the Hanham Hall nursery (just off Whittucks Road) prepared for the children’s return, and trained staff in Covid-19 procedures.

The returning children adjusted to the new safety measures, and enjoyed educational and fun activities including finding frogs in the garden, lunchtime picnics, imaginative play and learning about the life cycle of sunflowers.

Tony Driffield, who co-owns the nursery group with his wife Bev, an early years expert, said: “We have done everything possible to ensure the safety of the children on their return to nursery.

“Of course we have been supporting the children of key workers and vulnerable children throughout the crisis so a lot of measures were already in place but we have been working hard to make the changes required to accommodate more children in our settings.

“It has been really tricky to manoeuvre through this crisis and there is a long way to go for all of us yet but our staff have been phenomenal and so adaptable which has been fantastic. We’d also like to thank our parents for their support and we look forward to welcoming more children back in the months to come.”

Children have also expressed their feelings on returning to nursery. Olive, aged four, said: “I like being back at nursery because I get to play with my friends.” Poppy, also four, said: “I am so happy that my friends are back but the rugs have gone.” Another pre-schooler Jaxon said: “I like playing with my friends again and all the toys.”

Mama Bear’s Day Nursery also has nurseries in Soundwell, Speedwell, Crews Hole and Downend. More information on can be found at: