Recycling depot 'has to go'

October 05 2019

Recycling depot 'has to go'

COUNCILLORS have branded the location of a recycling depot in a residential area of Warmley as “totally unsuitable” and have demanded it be moved.

Conservatives Sam and Elizabeth Bromiley, who represent the Parkwall and Warmley ward, are calling on South Gloucestershire Council to move the Cowhorn Hill depot to another location away from people's homes, claiming that moving the site, which stores dozens of recycling and waste collection lorries, would benefit the whole community.

Elizabeth said: “Residents living near the Cowhorn Hill site have told us many times about the disruption that is caused by dozens of large waste vehicles coming in and out every day, and how unbearable the resulting noise from early morning horn testing and smell of residual waste can be.

“We want something to be done to make life easier for these residents and that starts with moving this depot somewhere else.” 

South Gloucestershire Council is currently considering its new Waste Strategy, with plans out to public consultation on how services can improve record high levels of recycling collection, currently nearing 60 per cent following the introduction of weekly collections in 2017.

While the Cowhorn Hill site, based at Tower Road South, is not directly part of the consultation, the pair have said that considering this in the outcomes should be a priority.

Sam said: “As a council we have worked hard to deliver quality recycling services that have been fully supported by residents across South Gloucestershire. As a result, we need to make sure we are supporting residents and making sure there are no adverse effects to these services.

“There must be a better alternative to store the vehicles than this totally unsuitable location, which has resulted in such a frustrating situation for those living nearby.”