One-way circular system would be best of both worlds

March 04 2021

THE news of Kingswood's £25m bonanza (Kingswood Voice February) and particularly the planned pedestrianisation of Kingswood's main street is great.

Two separate route option are proposed with the preferred yet to be chosen. The Northern route includes Kimberley Road and Gilbert Road and the Southern route includes Cecil Road and Blackhorse Road.

However regardless which of the two options is selected it will mean busier two-way traffic on existing narrow streets. Why not have the best of both routes - with a one-way circular system?

Traffic from Bristol/town travelling east through Kingswood would go on one-way Northern route; Traffic from Warmley etc. travelling west through Kingswood would go on one-way Southern route.

Free flowing and with safety considerations and not overwhelming existing local streets. Also avoiding unnecessary expensive changes to some existing narrow single one-way width roads 

At least use the money for a substantial long term and significant change.