October 2021: Peter's Vision

September 30 2021

Wonder why?

I’VE been undertaking that oh so dangerous activity again this month.  Yup, you guessed it, thinking.  This month I’ve been thinking about why we do what we do.  Why? was the question our children asked, innocently at first, and then they quickly learned that it’s a fun game to play too!  No matter what I used to reply, how much thought and time I used to take to explain something, they’d pause, look at me and with an ever-so-innocent quizzical look, and again say why?

As an Optometry practice, our ‘why’ is maybe not all too well known.  In essence we do what we do because we love it!  Yup it’s out there. Officialially we love our work & the people (that’s you that is) that we get to meet, care for and hopefully see for life. Now I suppose, being honest, we can all have very good and at least the odd not so good days at work.  I’m definitely in the privileged position of saying I have far more very good days at work than anything else!

I also have a slightly longer answer to the question.  We aim to provide eye care and vision correction (glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses… really the list goes on) so well that each of our patients is delighted and chooses to see us again and again over the years, bringing their friends and family with them.  It’s not a new aspiration or idea, and not an original one either.  Grandfather Harold set out this way in the 1930’s and we’ve done our best to develop the patient care, ethos and approach he started almost a century ago.

As the nights draw in, I’m returning to my favoured contrast enhancing lens for night driving.  These are lenses I’ve designed to make the most of the light our eyes benefit from, and reduce the light that quite frankly just gets in the way and causes glare.  The result is calmer, more balanced and easier vision for many of us who choose these super lenses.  In fact, I’m actually wearing these as I write having just returned from running our evening errands, they also come in variable focus as well as single vision lenses you see.

When it comes to your eyes, we’d love to see you and for you to experience the world class eye care, we firmly believe you deserve.  Don’t forget, whether it’s for reassuringly thorough eye care, or for glasses you look great in, as well as letting you see clearly day & night, we’re here when you need us, six days per week.  Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to see how we can help you.  We continue to offer COVID safe ways to choose your new glasses too!

To help us keep you all safe, we’re still asking you all to telephone first to book a time to come in.  Please call our Henleaze practice on 0117 962 2474 or our Fishponds practice on 0117 965 4434.  

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Peter Turner is a Senior Optometrist at Turners Opticians in Bristol, and also works part time as a Senior Optometrist at the Bristol Eye Hospital.