October 2021: On the Treatment Table

September 30 2021

The road to recovery

I’m often find myself thinking or looking out for a pertinent topic to discuss in these articles for Kingswood Voice. This month’s topic was easily decided when I was unfortunately involved in a cycling accident on the way to work a few of weeks ago. I wasn’t at fault I hasten to add but was left with a fractured collar bone which has required surgery and a prolonged lay off from work to recover. With the benefit of experience and time to reflect, I thought I would look at the recovery process from injury. 

In adults, bone typically take 6-8 weeks to heal in simple fractures- at least once they’ve been realigned. Ironically, this can be more predictable than many chronic soft tissue injuries that we treat at Action Potential. Initial healing of connective tissues- bone and soft tissue- are classed as the repair phase, for example, the bone knitting together. There then follows a longer period of remodelling where strength and function are re-established specific to the injured tissues. In my case the bone needs to heal but light exercise maintains some of the shoulder range of movement during the repair phase. Once the collar bone has healed, the soft tissues of the neck, shoulder and arm need stretching and strengthening to restore function in the remodelling phase. Although not essential, Physiotherapy is fundamental to aiding optimal restoration of function. I’m fortunate as our physios at Action Potential, Lynda and Deb, can give me a bespoke rehab program to get me back up and running, quite literally. The benefit of a bespoke rehabilitation program is that it follows the ATC IS IT principle, namely:

Avoid aggravation of the original injury

Timing – ‘relative rest’ it’s important to rest the injured part but also exercise as soon as possible

Compliance making sure the patient is on board with their program

Individualisation we’re all different, one program doesn’t fit all

Specific sequencing the plan depends on the specific injury and the goals of recovery

Intensity exercise should be appropriate to the individual - their injury and underlying health

Total patient it’s the physical and mental well-being that needs to mend, not just the collar bone!

Injuries can be frustrating and painful. They commonly cause time off work or missed sporting and social events. The important news is that typically they do get better, especially if you are able to get professional help. In which case it’s now my time to be the patient at Action Potential and I promise the physios I’ll be doing my exercises, there’s a glowing Google review to follow (obvs…)

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and enjoy an active and healthy summer. If you need any further advice or treatment, then the team at Action Potential will be happy to help. You can call us on 0117 961 2060, find us on Facebook or email enquiries@actionpotential.org.uk to book. We provide chiropractic, physiotherapy, foot health treatments and Pilates at Kingswood Health Centre and Hengrove Park Leisure Centre.