October 2021: Kingswood History Society

September 30 2021

Our September talk, entitled “The Bristol Riots 1831” was presented by Professor Alan Johnson of the Frenchay Tuckett Society.

We learned that with over 500 people believed killed, this was the greatest act of disobedience of the 19th century, far outstripping the better known Peterloo Massacre of 1819 when 10-20 died. However, reports of the Bristol riot were much suppressed by the ruling class. Prior to the general election of 1830 the Tories had been in power for 25 years, living standards for working people were extremely poor, Bristol’s trade was declining and working people were unrepresented in Parliament as only wealthy landowners could vote and “Rotten Boroughs” proliferated. Britain was a divided country while Bristol’s Corporation was viewed as ‘extravagant and remote’. The first Reform Act of 1832 introduced the first of numerous stages that gradually enfranchised the ordinary citizens of the country. Slowly the underlying discontent was thereby addressed.

Our meeting topic on 5th October  will be ‘The Life & Times of Harry Dolman’ by Clive Burlton – Surely unmissable!

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