October 2020: Vets4Pets Blog

September 29 2020

Why is my pet drinking more?

Why is my pet drinking more?

An increase in thirst, polydypsia, is a common problem in our pets. It is often associated with increased urination (polyuria,) and in fact passing more urine is often the initial problem, with the pet drinking more to compensate. Restricting water can rapidly cause problems in these animals as they will become dehydrated very quickly.

So what causes an increase in thirst? Often it is as straight forward as hot weather, or a hot house if you have the central heating on, or getting lots of exercise. Eating salty food, or salty water if your dog likes catching waves, will increase thirst too. However, there are also a lot of medical causes.  Our older cat patients are very prone to kidney disease, and an increased thirst is often the first sign, but infections, diabetes, liver disease, hormone imbalances and gastro-intestinal problems are other common causes.

If the pet is not showing other signs of illness, it can be difficult to know where the problem is, so if  your pet is drinking more, we will often ask to do tests on both urine and blood samples. Investigating an increased thirst early gives the best chance of your vet being able to help your pet. 

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