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October 27 2020

Health care plans and Insurance - what is the difference?

Health care plans and Insurance- what is the difference?

 When keeping your pet happy and healthy, it is inevitable that they may pay a visit to the surgery for vaccinations, neutering or if they are unwell. It is sensible to budget for these trips in advance.

Care plans, such as our Complete Care, help with preventative health care while pet insurance helps cover bills when things go wrong e.g. broken leg or diabetes. You may find they are best run side-by-side to help cover all of your vet bills.

Complete care is a monthly direct debit plan which offers a more affordable way to cover the important aspects of healthcare such as vaccinations, flea and worm treatment plus much more. Complete care is also available for rabbits and now includes a yearly VHD2 vaccine alongside the standard myxomatosis/VHD1 vaccine, plus  a collection of perks such as  nurse nail clipping and more.

Insurance is offered by many independent companies, and it is worth researching well to ensure you get the most suitable cover your pet. 

Here are some of the things to look out for when researching insurance:

Exclusions: Some companies may exclude certain illnesses, typically pre-existing conditions or breed specific problems. Be sure to check the small print.
Policy limits/cover: Check the amount the company will cover per illness/injury. Go for the best you can afford.
Lifelong cover is preferable as the ‘money pot’ tops up for each claim year. This is ideal for ongoing illnesses such as diabetes or arthritis.
Accident vs illness cover: We would always recommend accident AND illness cover.

If you would like more information on Complete Care,  or would like to pick up a voucher for 4 weeks free insurance, please give our friendly team at Kingswood Vets4Pets a call on 0117 961 6417.