November 2020: On the Treatment Table

October 27 2020

Straight talking about back pain

OCTOBER 16  is World Spine Day, a global day of action to highlight the burden of spinal pain and disability and promote optimum spine health. The theme of World Spine Day 2020 was how people could get themselves ‘Back on Track’ considering the restrictions in lifestyle and changes in activity due to the coronavirus pandemic

The aim of World Spine Day is to highlight the importance of spinal health and well-being. It is estimated that one billion people worldwide suffer from back pain, affecting all age groups from children to the elderly. It is the largest single cause of disability on the planet, with one in four adults estimated to suffer from back pain during their lives. Prevention is key and this year’s World Spine Day campaign promotes physical activity, good posture, responsible lifting and healthy working conditions, encouraging people to take steps to get back on track with their spinal health. 

Spinal pain and disability can affect everyone throughout the life course, from children through to the elderly. Spine care is important for health and well-being, particularly when our exercise and activity is restricted by Covid 19. While aches and pains are a natural accompaniment to getting older, this does not mean we should stop moving – in fact, the evidence tells us that physical activity is one of the most important ways we can look after our spines. Daily exercise and simple measures to keep your spine functioning properly often help to prevent joints from getting creaky and painful.  Evidence supports regular movement and activity so that the spine can function properly, keeping you upright and protecting your spinal cord and nerves. 

The World Spine Day website  ( has some great links and resources to simple exercise routines such as ‘Straighten up UK’ from the British Chiropractic Association. These provide some easy to follow routines for flexibility and strength which are helpful to all of us. They might not be quite as lively as Joe Wicks's morning workouts but often it’s the quality postural exercises that are most beneficial in maintaining good posture and preventing back pain.  On that note, if you are looking for a more guided approach to spinal exercises, we are now offering online Pilates classes with Miriam Roberts, these can be booked through the clinic at Kingswood Health Centre.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves, your family and friends, keep exercising safely to stay well physically and mentally. 

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