November 2019: Peter's Vision

October 31 2019

Time for lights

WELL,  we’re definitely in Autumn now!  I can understand the Danish Hygge I was reading about this summer.  Okay I may be a year late on this trend, but as a lifestyle choice it seems like a good idea to me, what with the cold & wet weather we’re having!   When we get inside, heating on, warm soups to eat and relaxing with family it does feel like the right place to be after a fun day at work and school.

It’s perhaps no surprise that the thing that struck me was the importance of the lights we choose for our homes.  Soft candle light is great for relaxing, chatting with friends or family, but not for homework or reading those important letters we’ve been sent that day; these need a brighter option.  I definitely see an increase this time of year in requests for help with reading vision.  Often one of the first questions I ask is about the light you read with at home. 

Even a bright bulb in a lamp shade isn’t enough for some of us to read by, so maybe it's time to reach for the classic anglepoise light again!  I read recently that you can even buy a Paul Smith designed anglepoise lamp - if you’ve not seen one, as you’d expect, it’s certainly adds a touch of colour to your room.  I painted my own as a school DT project just a few years ago (okay over twenty years ago!). I’m pleased to say that energy saving LED bulb aside it’s still the same lamp as it was all those years ago!

Driving at night is another topic I’m discussing more these days.  Glare from oncoming headlights is not going away, so it’s best to prepare yourself.  We’ve a choice of options, our most popular remains our contrast enhancer - a lens that reduces the glare and sharpens your vision, both day and night, all in one lens.  Another favourite are our clear lenses - these are made to be clearer from the inside out, and let you see up to 10% more clearly.  And why not give your eyes the comfort and clarity they deserve?  The technology is quite affordable these days, and with both of these lens options we add a years accidental damage cover as well!

Whether you & your family have questions about lighting, glare protection or other eye health & vision questions you are most welcome to come and see us for your eye care, glasses & advice.   

To arrange an extended eye exam or clearer vision consultation for yourself or those you love, please call 0117 962 2474 or 0117 965 4434.  Appointments can also be booked via our website, or just pop in to our practices in Henleaze or Fishponds and say Hi!