November 2019: On the Treatment Table

October 31 2019

Boiler serviced recently? What about your spine?

AS winter rapidly approaches it’s that time of the year, we typically switch on the central heating to keep us warm.  It’s also the time that many of us either book that annual boiler service to make sure its up to the task or realise that old central heating system is broken and we’d better get it fixed quickly to keep the cold at bay through the dark months.  From my 20 years’ experience as a chiropractor I am always amazed at how us Brits seem to be much better at looking after our possessions such as houses and cars but tend to neglect the most important possession we have – our health!  It’s not uncommon for new patients to tell us that they have been suffering for weeks, months or even years in pain without seeking any help or advice. 

This may partly be our fault as clinicians, in not letting people know that there are often ways to help them get out of pain. However, is it also that we are looking at the problem from the wrong direction?  Managing our health is very much like the central heating system in our homes, sometimes there’s a need for crisis management, but there is also a strong argument for preventative maintenance to keep those unexpected crises at bay. 

Probably the most common way we maintain our health and wellbeing is through diet and exercise.  Last month I wrote about the benefits of exercises such as Pilates in preventing back pain and maintaining healthy spinal posture, but have you ever considered seeing a chiropractor, physiotherapist or having a sports massage as a way of keeping yourself in top shape?  One of the key services that we can offer is a natural way to maintain good physical health.  Often when we have helped our patients get out of pain, they ask ‘what’s next and how can I stop this from coming back?’ If it’s a simple problem or injury this can often be prevented with good posture and exercise.  But often we see more long term or chronic problems often complicated by wear and tear osteoarthritis, occupational demands or previous injuries.  These cases often need ongoing maintenance as a ‘cure’ isn’t always possible or realistic, maintenance care therefore is a way of keeping these patients going, performing at their best and looking to prevent those nasty and unexpected relapses.  So next time you book that MOT, car or boiler service why not consider booking yourself in for some maintenance as well

If you need any further advice on or treatment or preventative care then the team at Action Potential will be happy to help.  

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