New weapon in the war on litter

August 27 2020

NEW ‘Big Belly’ litter bins have been brought in to the Kingswood High Street area.

Councillor Rachel Hunt alongside one of the new bins

Councillor Rachel Hunt alongside one of the new bins

They are helping to reduce collections from twice daily to once or twice a week.

The  ‘Big Belly’ bins have a 600-1000 litre capacity and a solar-powered compaction unit that crushes the waste to make the most of the space in the bin. 

South Gloucestershire Council has also introduced 11 other new wheelie bin units, which also hold more than the bins they replaced.

The new bins are also safer and easier to empty. Part of the Kingswood Improvement Programme, they are funded through the West of England Combined Authority’s (WECA) Love our High Streets initiative.

Cabinet member for communities, Councillor Rachael Hunt, said: “It’s great to see these new, modern and environmentally friendly bins on Kingswood High Street. They hold a lot more waste than the previous bins that they replace and as a result require far less journeys by collections vehicles to empty them, so have a much gentler impact on the environment. Carrying out fewer collections will also free up resources which can be redirected to where they are needed most, and the new bins are additionally easier to empty, requiring less hands-on contact from staff.”

West of England Mayor, Tim Bowles, said: “To keep our high streets attractive, we need big and small steps, including making sure they’re clean and tidy. I’m pleased to see that South Gloucestershire Council have really grasped that in Kingswood and have ambitious plans for the area that I fully support.”