Mural celebrates industrial history

July 25 2022

VISITORS to Kingswood Library can see a new mural celebrating the history of boot making in the area.

A mural featuring boots and shoes has been installed at Kingswood Library

The design showing a range of shoeboxes topped with shoes, boots and even wellies, snakes along the tops of the book shelves.

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesperson said: “In 1911 there were around 50 factories in Kingswood, making it the third largest centre for boot making in Britain.

“Bristol-based artist Emily Ketteringham worked with local children and students from King’s Oak academy to develop the design.

“It combined photographs of boots and shoes, archive images of workers, and old company logos from the collecting at Kingswood Heritage Museum.”

Emily talked about the work on her website and said: “The inspiration for my design to go above the children’s bookshelves in Kingswood library came from finding out about the rich history of boot making in the area.”

She ran workshops with children, showing them an old hobnail boot from the museum and inviting them to design a shoe for their favourite character from a story. These designs were used as part of the final mural.

She said: “I tried to incorporate visual jokes into the design. For example, the boots for the two smallest book characters included are sitting on Dinkie shoe boxes, whilst the wellington-booted dinosaur proudly proclaims he is a Dryfoot.”