Mum tells of e-scooter ordeal

August 27 2020

TEARAWAYS on electric scooters knocked over a pram in Hanham High Street as a mum walked home with her four children.

Skye Taynton with her four children. They were returning from a holiday club when the incident happened

Skye Taynton with her four children. They were returning from a holiday club when the incident happened

Skye Taynton told the Voice it happened on Monday August 10. Three boys shot straight over a T-junction at high speed, hitting her and her seven-week-old baby’s pram and narrowly missing her other children aged nine, seven and one.

She said: “Everyone was very shaken. I posted on Facebook after reporting it to the police, and received almost 200 shares and comments from people saying they’ve had similar experiences by boys who fit the same description, either being almost hit while walking or cycling, having abuse shouted at them, and having them circle cars and forcing the cars to stop and then banging on the windows scaring the passengers - one of which was a grandparent and her three-year-old granddaughter. 

“No one seems to know exactly who they are, and I want to raise awareness about this, mainly before someone gets hurt - including them, as if a car had been at that crossing they’d have gone through the passenger window and hurt themselves and the passengers.” 

Writing on Facebook, Skye, who lives in Hanham, said: “When I shouted at them they laughed at me! The boy who hit me who found it particularly funny was about 12, blond hair and a red T-shirt. I have reported it to the police because if I’d been an elderly lady there would have been broken bones. My poor baby luckily he wasn’t seriously hurt!”

Comments in response included: “I'm pretty sure I saw these boys Friday morning in Hanham, weaving in and out of people on the High Street, one of them nearly rode into an elderly lady outside of Lloyd's bank, I've seen them previously in Hanham so must be local”, and “Disgusting behaviour. There was a bunch of lads going along Memorial the other day on bikes, completely surrounded my car, laughing their heads off that I had to slow for them. My kids were in the car too. The lads
had no helmets on and were swearing at us. I would be horrified if my boys grew up like that!”

A spokesman for Avon & Somerset Police said: “On Monday 10 August we received a report about an incident of antisocial behaviour in Hanham High Street in which three children on electric scooters knocked over a woman’s pram. The incident happened at about 3.30pm.

“One of the children is described by the victim as a boy aged between 10 and 12, with short blond  hair, wearing a red T-shirt.

“If you saw anything, or have any information, get in touch with us on 101 quoting log AS-20200810-0786.”