Marshals help keep night streets safe

August 27 2020

MARSHALS are patrolling outside pubs in Kingswood at weekends to persuade drinkers to act sensibly and try to prevent a second wave of coronavirus.

Marshals help keep night streets safe

They have been introduced by South Gloucestershire Council, which has identified the area as a “hotspot” for potential issues now that people can drink in the street at a safe distance from each other.

The marshals are there between 11pm and 3am on Friday and Saturday nights to persuade drinkers to act “sensibly and responsibly” and identify problem drinkers so they can be stopped from being served any more alcohol, a spokesman said.

The marshals wear uniforms and body cameras, are not costing the council any extra money since they are taxi marshals who have been redeployed, he added.

Liberal Democrat councillor Jon Lean, whose questions to the Conservative administration revealed the new scheme, told the Local Democracy Reporting Service that he was pleased the council was supporting pubs to enforce social distancing guidelines.