March 2020: Will & Probate Advice

March 24 2020

Simpson Solicitors - keeping it local

MOST of us value being able to shop locally and having a good range of shops. However, with banks closing and big brands closing local stores what is available locally is changing.

Going against this trend is Simpson Solicitors. Run by husband and wife team of John and Michelle Baden-Daintree, they have invested in improving their local facilities in Kings Chase Shopping Centre in Kingswood to serve the surrounding area.

 John spells out why local is important to Simpsons “Everyone’s situation is different and so we think it is important that people can meet their legal advisor locally - face to face so all their questions are answered. With many legal companies now expecting clients to follow complex online form filling – we do not! Our focus is on making it easy for our clients. With local meetings about Wills and Powers of Attorney with a fully regulated and trained legal advisor. I believe this is the best way to receive great quality legal advice.”

 As local shopping centres and high streets change, there is a move to create a better experience when shopping locally. So there are now more cafes and health and beauty treatment providers along-side traditional shops.

 Simpson Solicitors are part of this move to provide a better local experience. So instead of intimidating offices, they have gone for welcoming receptions that people feel able to pop into. They will be greeted and made to feel at ease by friendly staff whose mission it is to make everyone feel “Welcome, Wanted and Cared For”.

 If you have any worries or questions about Wills and related matters, Simpson Solicitors invite you to pop into their Kings Chase Shopping Centre offices with its  ground floor meeting rooms.

 As part of offering a better legal local experience, Simpsons do not charge anything for that first advice meeting.

 “We think it is important to understand each client’s particular situation, so that we can give them tailored advice. For that reason we do not charge for our first meeting. Also we do not set a time limit on the complimentary meeting. We will take as long as the client needs – without the fear of being charged by the minute and with no “hard sell”. Then if the client wishes to use our services we offer clear fixed prices.”

 Simpsons also make a point of supporting other local businesses too. Using local shops and businesses can make a big difference to the local economy and help make Kingswood a better place to live, work and visit.  “Local independent businesses need to support each other – so we always try to use local companies and encourage our clients to use them too”, says Michelle. 

Being part of the local community is also about supporting those who cannot make it to our offices. Therefore with us, there is no charge for our ‘Free Home Meeting’ service.

 So keep it local and either pop in or call your local Simpson Solicitors office on 0117 960 8594 to book your free advice meeting.