Let's clean up Kingswood

July 13 2019

Let's clean up Kingswood

DIRTY nappies, broken chairs, mounds of rotting rubbish piled high. A scene from the bin strikes of the 1970s? No – this is Kingswood in 2019.

Let's Clean Up Kingswood

Campaigner Jim Whittaker is pushing for improvements to Kingswood.

This is the shocking state of the neighbourhood residents living in London Street have to endure. As if to inflict salt on the wounds, right next to the unsightly heap of waste is a sign on a wall saying No Fly Tipping.

And it's not just London Street. Elsewhere, you can see evidence of graffiti littered walls, bus shelters so dirty you can barely see through their glass roofs and litter bins which look like they haven't been cleaned
in years.

Kingswood was once a spotless area, people flocked there from across east Bristol to visit its bustling shops and to line the streets for the annual Whitsun parade.

Enough is enough - the people of Kingswood deserve better. It is time for change.