Lee, you will always be our superhero

October 06 2019

Lee, you will always be our superhero

Children from Park Primary School in Kingswood have welcomed a new 'superhero' bench in memory of their pal Lee Belgium who died from cancer earlier this year at the age of eight. 

“THIS is for you, Lee Belgium we love you”. These were the poignant words of family, pupils and staff during a ceremony to unveil a 'superhero' bench in memory of the fun-loving youngster.

The carved wooden seat, with images of the Incredible Hulk and Captain America, was placed in a quiet grassed area of the playground at Park Primary School in Kingswood where Lee was a pupil.

At the age of six, Lee was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

He fought off the disease twice before preparing for a bone marrow transplant to save his life.

But before he could undergo the surgery, doctors discovered the cancer cells had come back and said there was nothing more they could do. He died on April 6 this year.

An online fundraising page was set up to buy a special bench which would allow friends and school staff to remember the special youngster.

His family, including mum Clare Boxall and dad Simon Belgium, pledged money towards the £1,500 bench and the target was soon reached.

School head Lizzy Meadows said: “It is such a beautiful bench and a fitting memorial to Lee. It's a lovely place for children to come and reflect. 

"They can enjoy being in the playground but with thoughts of their friend as well.”

Mum Clare said: “The kids love it and are so happy they have got somewhere to go and talk to Lee when they are upset.

“When I saw the bench at the school, I was trying hold the tears back. 

"Hearing all his friends say how beautiful it is and how much they miss Lee was so nice to hear.

“The bench is wonderful and I know Lee will be looking down with beautiful smile.”

The bench is carved with the words 'Shine bright like a diamond', the same phrase which had been written on Lee's coffin.

Clare said the words were appropriate: “Lee lit up the room when he came in.

“He was such an amazing boy. I miss him so much; he was definitely one of  a kind and was the bravest boy to walk this earth.”