Latest update from Leader of the Council

April 09 2020

Cllr Toby Savage provides an update on how the council is organising its people and resources to support the most vulnerable at this time.

Hidden Heroes/good news stories – we are keen to highlight the good work that’s currently happening in the community. At this time, as part of social distancing measures, Central Government has asked that only those performing roles which are essential should be out and about in the community. In support of these measures, all of our staff who can work from home and still do their jobs are doing so. However, many of the services the council provides can’t be delivered from home, but are essential to the COVID-19 emergency response. 

From the social workers supporting children and young people who have had difficult starts in life, to teachers and schools support staff who continue to provide schooling for essential workers, to carers looking after the elderly and frail, those with learning disabilities and other vulnerable people, to our highways maintenance team fixing potholes so local roads are kept safe for essential workers travelling to work, to bin men who collect our recycling and rubbish, to those delivering community meals and food deliveries to those who have an underlying condition which means they need to shield themselves from the virus, there are thousands of council staff who are continuing their jobs at this time.

Hidden Heroes is about celebrating their efforts and highlighting the vital jobs that our staff do. We’re posting photos of staff on the Council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts so residents can show their support for the people doing essential jobs. We have also produced a poster that can be coloured in and displayed in windows. The can be downloaded from

Download the Hidden Heroes poster

Look out for and share our #HiddenHeroes on the council’s social media channels 

Twitter @sgloscouncil 

Facebook @sgloscouncil 

Community aid support - We’ve put together a range of information and guidance materials to support the increasing number of informal and formal community groups that are springing up in neighbourhoods across the district to help those having to self-isolate

The Council, Southern Brooks Community Partnerships and CVS South Gloucestershire are working together with these groups and other organisations within the community to make sure that people can access the help and support they need to stay safe and well.

Southern Brooks can help put you in touch with local groups in your area, if you need help. They can also provide practical support such as shopping, collection of prescriptions, dog walking etc if it's not possible for other groups to do this. The helpline is available 8am to 8pm, 7 days per week on 07773 209943 or by emailing

Community shielding - If you have received the NHS shielding letter and are confused or not sure what to do, you can contact the council and we will help make sure you are getting the help you need. If you have not received the shielding letter but think that you should have, we can help clarify the situation and make sure that you are linked in the with help you need. If you need help with shielding, please contact us by emailing or calling 01454 86 4040.

Service updates – for the latest on changes to council services, please see

Contacting us – please see for key contact information for the council. If in doubt, either email our contact centre or phone us on 01454 868009. 

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