Kingswood pools get a revamp

February 26 2020

KINGSWOOD Active Lifestyle Centre has refurbished both its swimming pools following the successful renovation of its diving boards.

The pool closed on December 5 to allow essential maintenance work to reline the pools to extend their lifespan. 

As part of the project, poolside areas were being refreshed and redecorated in time for the planned reopening on Thursday January 2.

The revamp project, aimed at extending the pools' lifespan, is being carried out by Circadian Trust, a not-for-profit organisation which reinvests profits back into local Active Lifestyle centres.

In recent years, the organisation has overseen major redevelopment projects in Bradley Stoke and Longwell Green, and an extensive pool refurbishment in Yate last year.

Centre manager Martyn Hinam said: “It’s a very exciting time for us at Kingswood and I am delighted that we are reinvesting in our swimming pools to extend their lifespan for years to come. 

"We feel extremely privileged to have such loyal members and 'learn to swim' customers who regularly use our pools to keep fit, have fun and learn new skills.”

“We constantly strive to improve the experience of all our customers and are looking forward to reopening our newly improved pool facilities in January.”

The centre hit headlines last year after mum Alvis West challenged a policy that forbade mothers to breast feed in the water.

Mr Hinam was praised for overturning the rule after conducting an investigation, finding there was no reason why mums shouldn't be allowed to feed their children where they liked. 

He also purchased a sofa for mums who don't want to breastfeed in the pool to have somewhere comfortable to sit. 

The policy change was implemented in all of the five lifestyle centres operated across South Gloucestershire by Circadian Trust.

Both pools at Kingswood Active Lifestyle Centre are reopening this  month after  a make-over

Both pools at Kingswood Active Lifestyle Centre are reopening this  month after  a make-over