November 2019: Vets4Pets Blog

October 31 2019

Ghastly gums and terrifying teeth!

Ghastly gums and terrifying teeth!

Did you know that some animal’s teeth grow continuously? Rabbits, guinea pigs and sheep are some of those, but for cats and dogs they only have one set of adult teeth to last them beyond 6 months of age.

This makes it really important that we take care of them in order to keep our pets happy and healthy. How do we do this?

Toothbrushing is always going to be the best method. This can be easily achieved by getting your pet gradually used to the procedure. This often takes 1-2 months and should be introduced in a rewarding way. Remember to always use pet toothpaste to avoid fluoride toxicity.

Dental diets. They mould around the tooth more than conventional food kibble creating more of a ‘brushing’ effect. This only works on the chewing teeth.

Additives to water and food. There is limited evidence to show these work so we tend not to recommend it in the first instance but may provide a benefit to some patients.

Regular health checks. We can have a look at the gum lines and tartar on the teeth advising the best course of care as required, hopefully before lots of teeth need extraction.

Sometimes if the dental disease is quite severe, we may need to carry out a general anaesthetic to clean and assess the health of the teeth. By having your pet anaesthetised we can clean under the gum line and take x-rays to check the root and nerve health.

If you’re unsure on which products to use the Veterinary Oral Health Council website has a list of authorised products which meet a list of requirements.

If you need any help with dental care feel free to speak to one of our nurses on 0117 961 6417 who are more than happy to help at Kingswood Vets4Pets.