June 2022: Kingswood History Society

May 25 2022

A fascinating insight into the man that was King Henry 8th by Professor Hutton.

Perhaps some of the lesser know facts that made Henry one of the most famous of his piers. How he became engrained in the psyche of this country. He has been portrayed on screen and TV more than any other monarch. Remember Sid James ? The number of Kings Head pubs. The famous painting of him by Holbein.

Did you know Henry had two famous role models, King Arthur and Henry 5th ? This can be reflected in his life and paintings of the time.

As we know he had a large appetite but this was not really a problem in his early years as he had manic energy. However, this was to change when a jousting accident fractured his skull and broke his leg when he was 44. This left him in much pain and reduced his mobility. Hence, he increased in size and had a waist of 54 ins. This is comparable with a Sumo wrestler !

To conclude; Henry did not achieve Great as he would of wished but was colourful, fascinating, ruthless and devious. An interesting question from the audience on the comparison of Henry with Donald Trump !

Next meeting at the Park Centre, Kingswood is Tuesday 7th Jun, 7pm for 7.30 pm start. Visitors £3.50 incl tea/coffee and biscuit.

A talk on The Midland Way by Alan Matthews.