‘Joyous’ Feast Day at Our Lady of Lourdes

March 04 2021

LAST year at Our Lady of Lourdes, we were able to celebrate our Feast Day with a mass followed by planting projects, where members of the parent and parish community were invited in to help and engage with the children.

‘Joyous’ Feast Day at Our Lady of Lourdes

That day marks the last time we have been able to connect in such a way with our community due to Covid-19 restrictions. As ever, though, we have continued to adapt to new ways of working and celebrating together, and on Thursday February 11, we marked this year’s Feast Day in a unique and inclusive way.

Our Parish Priest Father Jim spoke to the children virtually, via Zoom, about the significance of the story of Saint Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes. This follows a year where we have been unable to gather for school masses and assemblies, but have embraced technology to deliver a daily diet of spiritual worship for children in school and at home.

During the day, teachers planned a series of exciting activities for our children, including artwork, an online party, sweet, cake and biscuit making, magic tricks, a quiz and a bake-off contest.

All children at home received special Feast Day cards, each containing a small art activity and a sachet of hot chocolate.

Lockdown challenges and Covid-19 restrictions may have caused our Feast Day to be planned differently this year, but it was the most joyous occasion. As one child commented during the day, ‘Even though we are all apart, coming together like this makes us one big family.’