Jeff's device puts safety first

January 26 2021

A BUSINESSMAN has launched a hands-free door opener to try to help people stay safe when moving around buildings during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jeff Cox, who has  created an arm pull handle to make door opening safer

There are many situations when you can’t avoid touching things like a door handle with your hand, and it’s easy to forget to immediately wash or sanitise your hands, or you might not have access to those products. 

In response, businessman and entrepreneur Jeff Cox has come up with a solution. His door opener is a sturdy attachment designed specifically for use in high-traffic situations and work environments, such as universities and office workplaces

Called the AV Arm Pull Handle, the product is so intuitive to use that people readily accept it as part of the door furniture and automatically use their forearm on the pull handle, rather than their hand to open the door.

Jeff runs Euro Moulding 3DS Solutions, which is based in New World Business Centre in Warmley and provides specialist services to industries including architecture, automotive, medical and aerospace. 

He came up with the idea for the AV Arm Pull Handle after implementing careful social distancing and anti-viral measures for his own office business. The new tooling for the arm pull handle, and the product itself are being manufactured in the UK.

He explains: “We went through a thorough testing process and at least six different prototypes, then subjected the arm to over three times the amount of stress that was required to meet minimum standards. In addition, the arm contains a special anti-viral additive which is designed to add a layer of protection.”

Jeff also added: “I’m very passionate that we need to support and try to kickstart our own manufacturing industry in the UK at such a difficult time.”

“I have invested a considerable amount of time over the past few months in designing and developing and honing the new AV Arm Pull Handle, plus a further significant investment in tooling but I am confident that this product will be very popular amongst universities, offices, and other workplaces which want to help their staff and visitors to stay Covid free.”