January 2022: Kingswood Memories

January 23 2022

Siston Court

Siston Court manor house was built in the sixteenth century by Sir Maurice Denys, and is a Grade I listed building. It sits on a ridge overlooking the Siston Brook Valley, and was built on the site of a previous medieval mansion of the Denys family. 

The manor house was constructed at a time when fortress-type houses were no longer required for the defence of the occupants, and manor houses were beginning to be built more for comfort and convenience.

Siston Court still retains much of the character of the original 16th-century manor house and its original Elizabethan façade, although in the middle of the 20th century the manor was subdivided into apartments.

It is rumoured that King Henry VIII visited the house in disguise to visit one of his many mistresses, but this isn't verified.  Oliver Cromwell is also supposed to have lodged at the house when he was in the area for the Battle of Lansdown in 1642. Other famous visitors include Queen Anne of Denmark, wife of King James I, and the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII.

Siston Court