January 2020: Peter's Vision

February 26 2020

2020 vision is our goal

WELL, a Happy New Year to you all!  I trust that however you celebrate Christmas you had a truly super time.  I’m sure you’ve all noticed the year 2020 is upon us.  As an Optometrist, it would be a missed opportunity, short sighted even, if I didn’t mention the year, seeing as how it’s almost a vision standard.  20/20, or 6/6 if you prefer the
British notation to the 20/20 US version, is how we write down
good vision.  

Perhaps it could be the year of good vision, who knows?  I hope it is a year of good vision for as many of you as possible.  For me, clear vision is the goal for each and every patient I see.  Now sadly for some this is just not achievable, but wherever and whenever possible we’ll aim for this for each of you.  And why not eh!

I wrote a few months back on glare, and from the number of comments I’ve had I know this rang true for many of you.  If you experience glare and have yet to have your eyes looked at then how about a New Years resolution to see us soon?

I’m particularly championing clear vision for young eyes.  Every child deserves the opportunity to see clearly, yet so so many still don’t get to have an eye exam with an Optometrist.  It’s free under the NHS at our practices, so really there should be no excuses!  We check how well the young eyes of your loved ones can see close, mid & far away, we make sure their eyes work together and are healthy as well as looking for the signs of problems just around the corner (do eyes have corners?).  If they need glasses, well we can even provide two pairs free under the NHS optical voucher scheme.

As it’s the New Year, I should mention a new lens I’m a fan of.  It’s our Drive lens.  No prizes for guessing what this one’s for!  Whether you need glasses just for driving or for driving & close we’ve a new lens just for you!  These lenses are designed for driving but also allow you to see at home, in work and when out and about too.  The clever bit’s inside the lens, giving optimal clarity & focus, which is surely key for a glasses lens.

So, back to the year of good vision - how’s your vision?  Are you definitely sure it’s as good as it could be?  If you, or your loved ones are due (or overdue) an eye exam, why not book one now?  As well as a vision check we also carry out a full eye health check for your peace of mind.  You can book an appointment to see us by calling 0117 962 2474 or 0117 965 4434, via our website, or just pop in to our practices in Henleaze or Fishponds and say Hi!

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Peter Turner is a Senior Optometrist at Turners Opticians in Bristol who also works part time as a Senior Optometrist at the Bristol Eye Hospital.