Hospice cash crisis

October 27 2020

St Peter’s Hospice has had to cut beds, stop its day services and review staffing because of a funding crisis in the wake of Covid-19.

Stephen Merchant

The pandemic led to cancellation of major fundraising events and the temporary closure of the charity's shops, meaning it has a shortfall of £2 million this year.

It says the next 12 months will be crucial and is appealing to the people of Bristol to dig deep and help it continue its vital work.

Hanham-born actor and comedian Stephen Merchant was welcomed to the inpatient unit in Brentry in October to announce the year-long  ‘When It Matters Most’ fundraising campaign. 

He said: “I can’t imagine Bristol without St Peter’s. The difference they have made to my family and the families of tens of thousands of others is immense. 

“It is devastating to realise the enormity of the impact that Covid-19 has had, and that critical end of life care is threatened and might not be available in the future.”

All St Peter’s Hospice’s services are provided free and the charity supports around 3,000 patients and their families every year. Despite being a frontline service only 20 per cent of its funding comes from the NHS. 

Over £4 million of the hospice’s funding comes through their shops, fundraising events and donations. 

The hospice is reviewing services and expenditure and has temporarily closed five beds in the inpatient unit,  closed its day services and is reviewing staffing.