Holly Hill Road speed petition

June 26 2022

A HOLLY Hill Road resident is urging the council to install speed bumps or a camera to stop speeding cars.

Claire Newman has set up a public petition on South Gloucestershire council’s website to raise awareness of the issues.

The petition states: “Holly Hill Road is a long, downhill road that people speed both up and down.

“There are many families with children on our road and the speed that people use on this road could be fatal to a child.

“There are schools, both secondary and primary, that are local and the next street over has been reduced to 20mph and often has mobile speed cameras on.

“Many family pets have been killed on our road, which has been devastating for the owners but also the people who witness or find the pet.”

It goes on to say that a speed reduction might not solve the problem, and that a speed camera or speed bumps would be a better solution.

People have until 30 September to sign the petition at: bit.ly/Holly-Hill-Road